We are Campaigning on A Mission of Prevention


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I have been working tirelessly for over a month to bring this campaign to you.  I feel there is a need to get a stronger presence out to you and others about the dangers of toxic ingredients in your skin care products.  It isnt just enough to eat healthy for the inner you but you need to be just as aware on what goes on your outer you.

Please join me in the fight to get more information and bring more awareness to staying healthy on the outside to keep the risk of dangerous health issues to a minimum.  We have to stop waiting until we have an illness and take more preventative measures.  This starts with reading labels, researching ingredients and taking back your control of what you put on your body.  Stop leaving those big name companies that use inferior and synthetic ingredients in their products and where some slap a natural oil or butter name on the front to make you more at ease with using their products.  When in reality it is only a small amount wading through the toxic ingredients that bring about issues of skin allergies to more severe illnesses like skin cancer.

Dont be fooled by these companies, dont keep allowing them to dictate what you should put on your skin.  Please click the link below and see just what I am talking about:

After Affects Co is Campaigning for You

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Are Natural Products Good For Me and Do They Really Work?


It is truly amazing how After Affects has taken me to places where I have met some truly fascinating people and had some interesting conversations on the subject of natural skin care. Through the many vendor and farmer’s market events I found that the most common thing that I was asked by many customers of all races is “Are these products for my skin?”  I first thought people were pulling my leg, trying to be funny but as I further talked to many I found their thoughts were convoluted with alot of what they had been programmed to think by many of these big named companies.  Companies that had been around for many generations, teaching them that there was a divide in skin care products.  A separate but equal product so to speak.

This in turn, I think, had people of lighter tones including Caucasians believing because they didn’t see the dry skin that they needed a product that wasn’t full of alot of moisturizer ingredients. Now I know to many

IMG_0360they would probably just look at those two commercials and just think, “Oh well the company is trying to show that they are appealing to all races. Which is good marketing sense.  Ask yourself this, if you see a commercial with an actor/actress of same race as you using that product what pop’s into your mind, “Oh this product if for me”.  As if to say there are products specifically for of that particular race.  But in truth, WE ALL have dry skin and in truth there are some lighter toned people who need more moisturizer products than some darker toned people.

Take a look at the ingredients on the back of the bottles of lotion below. The top pic is an “Original” lotion then look at the one for “Extra Dry Skin and Ultra Healing”. You will notice the “Original” doesn’t have Petroleum or Mineral Oil as one of the main ingredients in its list of ingredients a its counterpart does.  Even those with Shea Butter, they may use that without adding the pore clogging Petroleum ingredient but it is still drowning in a sea of toxic ingredients.  What many fail to see is the only difference is our skin tones, our body’s skin craves the same moisture need as the next person.  And with the mineral oil/petroleum we get Original lotionsucked in to believe it must be for those with really dry skin, and seeing that stuff sitting on your skin gives you a sense that it is giving you extra moisture…not true.  I found that even there is Age-Defying lotion that uses Mineral Oil in it too I guess give more moisture too.  This having the opposite effect that you want, it is drying and clogging pores and actually speeding up the aging process. And I believe these manufactures bank on your ignorance of this to continue pumping ads to you with misinformation about extra dryyour skin care needs.

These companies bank on you using this logic with regards to products that are lab induced, only because some chemicals have different effects on different people of different races.  But seeing as many times when we purchase a product from these companies that we are driven by that commercial and what the actor sold us on and we don’t stop to think what else is in that bottl04ffa710e/jar etc. of lotion, shower gel, facial cream,shampoo,conditioner, or body scrub. We don’t read the ingredients on the back to see what other “wonderful” benefits this product will offer us.  We don’t question what Propylene Glycol is,or Sodium Lauryl Sulphate, Quaternium-15 and oh lest not we wonder what exactly is a Paraben and what do these do for my skin and my health.

With the age of technology that we are in and we can get information just by pressing a few buttons on our phone, why not Google these ingredients to see exactly what these ingredients for which you can hardly pronounce let alone know what they could possibly be doing to your internal organs.

It seems there are more questions for those who create true natural products then those who don’t.  And that is ok, that means you are thinking and want answers to your questions regarding, “Is this product for me, is it safe, will it cause me to break out”.  I welcome all those questions and hope that the information I provide will cause you to think further and eager for answers from the larger companies that use synthetic toxic ingredients that can lead to many health issues.  Yes there are some people who are allergic to certain natural ingredients due to nut or floral allergies, there are some essential oils that people with certain health conditions shouldn’t use due to side effects.  But for the most part natural should be used by natural don’t you think?

Let me say this, true natural products are just that from nature.  Think about it, we are ALL from Nature; Black, White, Hispanic,Asian, Indian(India), etc.  We all have skin (just in different shades), we all have pores, we all get itchy dry skin from IMG_0358loss of moisture.  So if we are all from nature would it not be prudent to think that true natural products made with true natural ingredients would stand to be a perfect fit for our natural skin?

We must remember this, no matter what our skin tone our skin cells have 3 things in common, the need for moisture, the need for protection and the need for cell regeneration.

different races

 Let’s Make Natural Use More Than An Option But A Way Of Life

What’s All the Babassu About?

Babassu Oil

Another South American native I want to tell you about is Babassu Oil.  This is another oil I have fallen in love with.  It has so many of the same characteristics as Coconut Oil yet you can only use a certain percentage of Coconut Oil before it begins to dry the skin out. Babassu oil on the other hand is considered to be a superior emollient that is rather beneficial for either dry or oily complexions (this is why I include it in my handmade soaps). It gently moisturizes the skin without leaving an oily sheen. Babassu Oil
This reason being is due to the Oleic Fatty Acid (Sunflower Oil, Primrose,Avocado) it holds twice as much as coconut oil so us soap makers aren’t as restricted with the percentage used when creating our soap formulas and like the oils mentioned in the above sentence we can use babassu oil to super-fat our soap to give you added moisture without leaving your skin with an oily residue.   I love this oil and use in lip balms and hand creams as well as creating my own hair cream using babassu oil.  Babassu is high in Vitamin E and has anti-inflammatory properties that aid in its ability when being applied as a solid directly on the skin how it melts on contact giving your skin a cooling sensation.
This is why I love what I do, even if you cant try or experiment with different butters and oils because it can get become rather costly you should venture out of your comfort oils and butters and give some of these wonderfully exotic butters and oils a try-especially if you find what you are using isn’t giving much help. Read your labels and if you see some of these butters or oils I spoke of by all means give them a try they are worth it.  Also try asking your natural body care professional to see what they recommend and by all means do research on your own-after all it is your skin and you want the best there is to help keep its integrity.Healing Balm 1oz
So you see no one butter or oil can work alone and this includes Shea or Olive Oil-where one is lacking in vitamins and minerals another makes up for it.  Don’t be fooled your body needs most if not all the vitamins both inside and out and when you deny it there tends to be an issue that you will have to address later.  Your skin needs A,B’s,C,D,E,and F.  Your skin needs Panthenol, Beta Carotene, and the Omegas(3,6,9). Your skin needs added Sulfur and Anti-Oxidants because it is all connected. So don’t deny your body these nutrients because all you may know is Shea believe me it will thank you for it and you will notice a difference.Soaps 4
I love using this butter as a substitute to coconut oil and in my healing and lip balms because it cuts down on the greasy feel that I found coconut oil to have and melts so easily into skin upon skin contact. This is a beautiful butter that I hope becomes more readily used and learned about because it really a needed addition in both skincare and hair care products.
Remember this: Keeping one’s head in the sand because you want to follow the pact doesn’t make living less dangerous it just makes you unprepared.
You Grow as you Know

A Brazilian Beauty


Now this is a butter that has rapidly become one of my favorite butters to work with.  The butter grows in the Amazon Rain Forest of South America.  It is the cousin of the Cacao, from which chocolate is made.  It has many of the composites of Cocoa Butter yet it is creamier and smoother in texture and rich vitamins A and C with Omega 6 and 9. It enhances elasticity, helps skin absorb water better, and gives deep long-lasting hydration to dry and damaged skin.
  Just like the mango butter, Capuacu butter safely protects the skin from the harmful UV-A and UV-B rays. This broad spectrum protection allows damaged skin to heal itself better, restores elasticity and suppleness to the skin.  I tend to use the butter a lot in my formulations especially my lip and face products.  Another reason I fell in love with this creamy butter is for its cellular restoration properties especially for mature skin that has lost its elasticity this butter  better hydrates than Cocoa Butter.  Wow how that for is exceptional! It is said to help Eczema and Dermatitis to heal and soothe these skin irritations.       Along with its high water retention abilities, this creamy butter leaves a lovely sheen to your skin giving it a glow but not leaving the greasy mess that petroleum and mineral oils do as well some natural butters.  All in all you just cant go wrong with a butter like this in my opinion.
This butter has become my all time favorite to date. It is so wonderful and easy to incorporate into formulas.  I tend to use it for those products that give skin like hands and feet that need a little something extra.  Especially for those in the professions that are on their feet a lot and washing their hands often (nurses,doctors, athletes).
I am not a hair product guru but I do make some hair butters with this little Brazilian Beauty and I love how it holds moisture. Muy Hermosa! Que Bella!

Feel the After Affects

Don’t Let the Mango Fool You


I know Shea has been given a wonderful review of how much it benefits the skin and Mango butter is coming a close second but is still not as notable. Mango butter is extracted from the shelled fruit kernel of the mango tree, which is a tropical evergreen. Vitamin C enriched and high in anti-oxidants, this butter is highly emollient, softening and soothing to the skin.
Mango butter unlike Shea has protective effects against UV radiation. Like Shea it helps treat skin rash, eczema, insect bites, and poison ivy. Mango butter has properties that protect and heal skin from the damage caused by sunburn and frostbite. Mango butter full of natural antioxidants absorbs into the skin without leaving a greasy residue behind and forms a protective layer that protects the skin’s cells from aging too quickly. I love substituting when I try new formulas to see which feels better or gives a better result and mango butter is one that I use as a staple in my formulas because of its UV protective properties.
Now in my trials of ordering mango butter from various distributors, I have found that just like any other natural butter, Mango butter is not processed the same. Some come to you very hard-mango is a solid butter but some I found its texture gave my formulas a different constancy one I wasn’t too pleased with. This business is all about trial and era and that does add to the excitement of the creations. Although my pocketbook doesnt appreciate the loss but that is why I only buy in small quantities from a new company so I am not out too much. The reason you try different companies is because you want to have a backup company in case your main supplier is out of product or has closed down. You never want your customers to have to wait longer than necessary if it can be helped.
Check out this bowl of hand whipped butters! Doesnt that look yummy enough to eat?


Feel the After Affects


Shea Isnt Alone

Shea Isn’t Alone


I want to talk to you about some of the observations I have made within some of the natural and not so natural communities.  Seems to be a consensusImage in my opinion that there is little information passed on outside of Shea Butter, Olive and Jojoba Oil and some of the other common oils we have come to know.  It got me to thinking why not be that one to introduce you to some of the more ‘exotic’ butters and oils that get little play or rotation in the these different circles.
Don’t get me wrong I love the properties that Shea and some of the more common oils give our skin but as one person I spoke with about her frustration for finding the right combinations for combating her skin afflictions, she is tired of these ‘Shea-heads’ making claims that that is the miracle butter and it is all you need to satisfy what ails your skin so Shea Butter is the only butter they will promote.  I could hear in her voice the anger of the misguidedness she felt because that is all she has been told, Shea Butter, Avocado oil and Jojoba oil are great recipe ingredients for making a very moisturizing butter for her dermatitis issue.  I felt really bad for her and wanted to say I had something to help her but truth was I hadn’t come across anyone who had this affliction. So I researched.
As I listened to her further concerns I was convinced that she was right there are a lot of ‘Shea-Heads’, we tend to put Shea in everything, and think if we add an oil that is all we need; even those with normal skin conditions- dry or itchy.  What we tend to forget just like our inner bodies need the right balance of vitamins and minerals so does the outside of our bodies.  We cant just think we can get away with a few vitamins and then neglect adding others to our diet.
When I first began creating skin care products and researching the many butters and oils that were out there –believe me there are so many- I wanted to create a formula that included moisture, element protection(sun and wind) and cell regeneration.  Those three components are what propelled me to.  formulating the best moisturizing products I could.  But I was naïve to think that most thought like I did.  Shea for all is wonderful qualities is not enough and you need to find the right balance of butters and oils to create a body butter that will not only moisturize but revitalize your skin and retain moisture.
I think I will devote the next several article discussing some of these butters and oils that you may not have heard of or have heard of but didn’t really know what wonderful properties they possess.
I found in meeting new people and introducing them to my products some have mentioned they have an allergic reaction to Shea, because it is from the nut family and many times does more harm than good to their skin.  I mean dont get me wrong I love promoting great skincare habits but the way the mass commercial companies promote Shea as if it IS the only natural butter around so they just add it or Say that it is added to a product that will make it better.  What about those who cannot use shea butter on their skin, how about an alternative? Let’s not leave them out because their DNA causes them to reject an ingredient based solely on the fact of an allergic reaction.
I like using Shea Butter in most of my butter and scrub formulas because it gives the finished product a more fluid consistency.  Even though I use other butters like Mango, and Capuacu I find that incorporating Shea not only gives a combination of vitamins and minerals needed it gives my butters a lighter feel that tends to melt very easily into the skin.
I dont know the ratio of nut allergies to non nut allergies but if we as natural ‘mixologist’ who are creating these products shouldnt we be open to creating products that are nut free? No we cannot please everyone all the time and sometimes we dont have the funds to expand our product lines to benefit those with ‘special’ needs, and this is why I do encourage those who make products to have some that are nut free.
I am working on incorporating a few products in the future that have no not butters or oils as I expand but in the meantime if I have a customer with a special request I do try to accommodate.

Petroleum is Out this Winter

As youths we are told what to wear to prepare for those cold winter months. We need to keep our heads covered, wrap a scarf around our necks, always keep your gloves handy put on thick socks and petroleum jelly to protect your face. Well all of the above are great advice all accept the petroleum jelly-this practice should be something you should just not wear.Petroleum Jelly  Originally discovered on some of the first oil rigs in the United States, petroleum or petrolatum is a substance that although became widely known for protecting burns and moisturizing it was actually having adverse affects to the skin like clogging pores and being in connection to causing certain cancers. Petroleum is what gasoline is derived from, and this same substance is used in types of cosmetics that we put on our faces daily-lip balms, face creams,oils,etc. Big named manufacturing companies produce millions and millions of products with this goop in it. Even some high-end companies have products where you will see along with ‘alpha-hydroxy’ and ‘retinal’, petroleum will be one of the ingredients right along side it. I even found just the other day a lip care product by a big company has petroleum as its only ingredient but instead of using that word they used petrolatum, as if that were to ease the fact they were using this hazardous product any better. This is why we must be vigilant in what ingredients go on our faces and bodies. Sure it is creating a barrier on your skin but at what cost? It is a barrier that is keeping out oxygen and certain nutrients that your skin needs for survival. Petroleum sits on the skin which is why it leaves an oily, greasy residue that does nothing but collect dust and dirt on the skin. This in turn creates acne, dandruff,dryness and skin irritations. It makes it difficult for your skin to receive the needed vitamins and minerals that is needed to maintain quality skin. It also keeps toxins from being expelled through the skin.

Sure you say but I use it on my feet after a pedicure and placing socks on your feet and it leaves them soft and supple. Really what the socks are doing is absorbing the greasiness-the petroleum is not absorbed in your skin and so you have been lead to believe once again that this product has done wonders for your skin for a low price. Petroleum is not even a temporary solution to a much bigger issue-it does the very opposite of what we as consumers look for in a skin care product. It leaves your skin wanting and needing- the look and feel give you a false sense of promise that this is going to coat and protect your skin and moisturize it all in this one big jar.

Instead of tormenting your skin with this thick suffocating mess start looking for products that are vegetable or fruit extract based is what is needed for protecting skin. We have been lead to believe that the thicker the coating the more protected our skin is when actually our skin is unprotected. Petroleum for all it’s claims really does our skin an injustice and an overall detriment to our health and not to mention premature aging. If our skin is blocked from receiving the nutrients it needs to survive and those same vitamins that aid in sustaining our body’s well-being then that leaves us vulnerable to illness and even disease(cancers).

Just think about it you have been using something that is used in cars it has cancer causing properties and you are putting this gooey mess on you and your family’s skin. We put this on our eyes to remove make-up, on our bodies to (what we believe will) relieve dry skin problems and on our faces, hands and lips to protect against those harsh winter winds. It is almost like inviting an intruder to take advantage of your family. We should really use Petroleum for what it was intended for-shining leather, treating wood,hair care hardware(pressing combs,curlers,flat irons,etc).Petroleum-Oil

We need to always be particular of the skin care products we use products that have ingredients like coconut oil, jojoba oil,or sunflower oil should be used instead of petroleum. These natural ingredients are what was meant to be put on our skin everyday year round. These are the ingredients that offer your skin protection against the elements, vitamins and minerals that allow for your skin to breath and receive. They absorb into the skin as what a ‘moisturizing agent’ is supposed to do and not sit on top of the skin suffocating even poisoning it. And no, products with petroleum and these natural ingredients is not a product you want on your skin either-don’t be fooled some companies mix these ingredients(believe it or not) and claim them to be natural. If petroleum or petrolatum are anywhere to be found in products you plan to use, walk away.

I leave you with this: Just because it says it coats does it really mean it necessarily protects?