We are Campaigning on A Mission of Prevention


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I have been working tirelessly for over a month to bring this campaign to you.  I feel there is a need to get a stronger presence out to you and others about the dangers of toxic ingredients in your skin care products.  It isnt just enough to eat healthy for the inner you but you need to be just as aware on what goes on your outer you.

Please join me in the fight to get more information and bring more awareness to staying healthy on the outside to keep the risk of dangerous health issues to a minimum.  We have to stop waiting until we have an illness and take more preventative measures.  This starts with reading labels, researching ingredients and taking back your control of what you put on your body.  Stop leaving those big name companies that use inferior and synthetic ingredients in their products and where some slap a natural oil or butter name on the front to make you more at ease with using their products.  When in reality it is only a small amount wading through the toxic ingredients that bring about issues of skin allergies to more severe illnesses like skin cancer.

Dont be fooled by these companies, dont keep allowing them to dictate what you should put on your skin.  Please click the link below and see just what I am talking about:

After Affects Co is Campaigning for You

Click the link above to go to campaign site

The Dirt on the Dead Sea

I know it has been awhile since I last published a blog entry, I want to first apologize for being gone so long but I plan to be publishing more in future!

Lets start with one of our newest products, Our Dead Sea Salt Body Polish!  First I am going to assume many if not all of your have heard of the Dead Sea.  In case you are apart of a select group who has no idea what or where the Dead Sea is let me break it down for you.

About 400 meters below Sea Level, Dead Sea located in Israel is the lowest place on Earth. It is nestled among the rough Mountains terrene of the Judean Desert.  It is said to be one of nature’s best kept secrets.  It has the name Dead Sea for is a body of water where fishes and plants don’t thrive in. However, the Dead Sea has been regarded as a good source of salts which contain healthy minerals that are beneficial to man’s overall health. The Dead Sea salts are not for consumption but rather these are more used for therapeutic and beauty purposes.

The minerals which are found in Dead Sea salts are magnesium, calcium, iodine, zinc, bromide, potassium and sulfur. These minerals are beneficial to your body simply because they similar to the minerals found in the skin cells.Yuzu Salt Palish!/~/product/category=6972275&id=38307311

Not only does this beneficial salt give your body the minerals it lacks It:

  • gets rids of toxins from the skin and helps in good blood circulation.
  •  It gets rid of dead skin cells, cleans skin pores and helps in skin regeneration.
  •  It helps firm up skin tissues and strengthens these against infections.
  •  It helps eliminate aches and body pains, making the body more relaxed.
  •  It helps in treating skin ailments such as eczema and psoriasis and lessens inflammation of dry skin.
  •  It helps relieve muscle tension, lessens stress and anxiety.

If you can get to a spa that offers these salts you really should try them and notice a skin rejuvenation.   There are those who have traveled to the Dead Sea and soaked themselves in the sea to soak in their benefits. It has become a place of treatment and healing aside from being a very popular tourist destination because of the well known good benefits of the salts.

Dead SeaI hope that this insight into the benefits of Dead Sea Salts will get you try it to see if it is a a means of healing some of your skin afflictions or just keep your beautiful skin just that beautiful!

Remember using natural skin care should never be an option but a way of life.


It’s All in the Smoothie Baby!


Recently I have been on a kick a smoothie kick that is! Now I have had smoothies before in the past and never really thought much of them when I did get one accept that I liked them.  Well lately I have been reading more and more about the wonderful benefits smoothies have on the body by just what you put in them.

Sure I made smoothies as home in my blender I said to myself this isnt hard, put some fruit in some juice and a bit of honey or sugar and there you go!  Since I had my baby, 3 years ago, and starting a business almost around the same time I can say I have been horrible about getting myself back in shape but since October I have been determined to really do something about it and one of the key things is eating.  Along with a exercise regimen my eating habits werent bad but I realized I could be doing a whole lot better.

I like most who want to take off the inches and just feel better when we move eat salads and other healthy vegetables along with baking or broiling my fish, chicken even having some turkey burger or bacon.  I cut back on the bread but all in all I thought I was getting all of the nourishment in my meals.  Well I was wrong! I was wrong because I didnt realize it didnt matter how much green leafy goodness I was ingesting I was NOT getting the recommended amounts that we need on a daily basis. Image Not from lack of trying mind you but I read that our teeth are not equipped to really break down foods the way they need to be broken down in our bodies and that is why we need to juice them. Not our meats, I dont think I could do that even if they suggested it, but our veggies and fruits,our chewing no matter how much we do it doesnt compare to a juicer or processor even a heavy duty blender like (Vitamix)which I did get and I just LOVE!!!  But that is another post!

It seems the additional pulverizing that the machine does that our teeth cant do actually helps the nutrients get to our bloodstream more efficiently and effectively.  I was skeptical about this but when my mom bought one and we were trying out recipes I noticed a change, more energy, and actually the gray hairs on her head weren’t as pronounced as they once were which was really fascinating  to me.

The real kicker was the fact that alot of this ‘Green’ movement was promoting putting more than just fruit in your smoothies.  Greens like Spinach,types of lettuce, even actual greens, like, mustard, turnips,kale and collards! Whoa yeah I was like, ok I love greens but to put them in my smoothie, I dont know about that.  Well needless to say I dont make a smoothie without one of those greens!  I noticed I am more regular and have more energy to boot.  Along with my water intake I make a point to have 2 smoothies a day and boy do I feel it when I have only one.

greensInvest in a good blender, juicer, processor because it really is no joke for the food and it is actually a great money savor from buying the commercial brands in the store, plus you can regulate exactly what you put in your drink and how much.

photo (1)

Here is a smoothie I made it was Yummy!

-1 Cup  Dole Mango Pineapple Peach Juice

1 Cup Greens of your choice (I used Collard Greens)

1 1/2 cup Frozen Fruit (I used Dole Frozen Fruit Mix)

1/2 cup Almond Milk


Strawberry-Mango Smoothie                                                                                                                                     Strawberry-Mango Smoothie

1  cup Mango Juice (all natural)

1 cup Greens (Kale pictured)

1/2 cup Cucumbers

1 1/2 cup Strawberries

1/3 cup of cold water or ice

2 TBS Chia Seeds


Optional (Agave)

I hope you enjoy these recipes!