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You Can Have Sugar With This Coffee!

Coffee- It’s Not Just for Drinking

Although coffee has several benefits as a beverage, it may be used as a body scrub as well.  I am sure you are probably saying Coffee on my body- now what can coffee grounds rubbed on my body possibly do for my body.  Just take a look at the many benefits coffee offers you.Exfoliation
The coffee grounds combined with either salt or sugar act as exfoliates for the skin. Regular exfoliation removes residual dirt and dead skin to give you younger looking, fresh skin. After the skin is exfoliated, it is able to absorb moisture more effectively as well. All beauty regimens should include exfoliation treatments, and the coffee scrub provides it. I know you say I dont want to smell like coffee but once you exfoliate just wash yourself with soap to remove the coffee smell.Aromatherapy
The scent of coffee acts to clear a person’s mind of excessive thoughts. The scent also works as an anti-depressant and can combat feelings of nausea. Here are some ways that Coffee can benefit you externally

Natural Antioxidants are found in the caffeine of coffee that have many benefits-heart disease and cancer-fighting properties  not to mention neutralize the effects of free radicals,which can damage the inner layer of skin. This damage is often reflected in age spots and wrinkles. The Coffee Body Scrub helps skin absorb this antioxidant and help prevent premature aging.

Blood Flow
Some people use coffee scrubs to combat the occurrence of varicose veins. The caffeine found in the scrubs typically increases blood flow and may reduce the appearance of cellulite. Just the use of Coffee Scrubs with the squeezing and massaging of the product on the skin helps release toxins and fats held in the skin.

Skin Texture
Caffeine is a vasodilator, which means it constricts blood vessels in the skin. This action works to make blood vessels tighter and firmer very quickly, which is reflected in your skin texture.

I know I know who wants to smell like coffee all day-unless you are just such a coffee fiend you dont care-you ask how exactly do you use a coffee scrub and not leave your bathroom wondering if you should add some cream to your skin.  Well, all you do is once you get in the shower you circulate the granules like you would any body scrub rinse it off then follow it up with your showering regimen,using soap and water, preferably a natural soap not one full of sulfates and drying agents that does nothing but zap your skin of its oils.
Here is a simple recipe:
2 cups coarsely ground coffee
1/cup raw sugar
2 tsp Almond Oil
2 tsp Jojoba Oil
You can tweak how you want add or take away ingredients but you will be doing your body a good with this natural scrub and wake yourself up in the process and no calories.
Let me know how it worked out for you!