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Goat’s Milk Soap and Acne

Yes I know we have all be taught at one time or another that acne is from eating too many greasy foods or not washing one’s face (myth) but when you do get clogged pores and have an unexpected outbreak of pimples your next thing is head to the nearest drug store to find the latest ‘greatest’ product that fights that dreaded acne. Whether you are a teen or a woman in the prime of her life you may at one time or another experience breakouts and I am sure many of us if we look in our medicine cabinets we can probably open a small store of our own to sell products geared toward fighting acne.

One thing I found that when fighting these unsightly blemishes we have to understand it is more hormonal than anything but there is also the issue of battling outside forces of bad bacteria and microbes that tend to find their way to our facial pores to live.  I found that a lot of this can be alleviated with the use of Goat’s Milk incorporated in natural soaps.

Goat’s Milk contains the ideal pH level of goat’s milk helps neutralize the effect of bacteria and contaminants, which usually cause these skin infections like acne.  The natural lactic acid in Goat’s Milk is one of the leading benefits of correcting lot of skin afflictions-bet your dermatologist didn’t tell you that-and removes the dead skin cells very gently leaving you with more radiant skin.

This is why I love this little wonder so much that I try to use it in as body care creations as I can to leave the skin smoother and softer.  I didn’t realize how great this additive was until my oldest was beginning to show signs of pimples.  Most of the time I have to remind him wash your face you have to wash it twice a day because of the elements and the bacteria that your face can come susceptible to.  I had done a test, first I told him to use one of my soaps that I hadn’t put milk into and wanted to see how it would do.  After about 2 weeks I noticed his face was very clear and looked moisturized and smooth in those places that the blemishes hadn’t gotten to but still wasn’t clearing his face as I would have liked.  Then I gave him the bar that had milk in it and within 3 days I noticed how much the acne had ‘calmed down’, they seemed to almost revert and after about a week and 1/2 the dark marks that were beginning to form were actually lightening up on his face. It was so amazing to me that I got rid of all the acne ointments and astringents that seemed to dry his skin out, even those that said they were for sensitive skin.

Now a days I don’t even need to ask if he has washed his face, I know if the acne starts to take hold with a vengeance, and just tell him get in there and wash that face.


Spearmint and Milk Soap

Here is one of my simpler recipes for 1 lb Milk Based Soap:

Distilled Water        6 oz

Sodium Hydroxide   2.2oz

Babassu Oil 4 oz

Palm Kernel Oil 3oz

Castor Oil      3 oz

Olive Oil        6oz

Avocado Butter   .05 oz

Powdered Goat’s Milk   1 oz  http://www.fromnaturewithlove.com/soap/product.asp?product_id=MILKGOATS

I added some Spearmint leaves to this batch you see pictured (1tbs)

I really cant say enough about the qualities and benefits of adding goat’s milk to your natural skincare products, especially your soaps   Babies will also benefit from it’s qualities simply because it has all of the nutrients as mother’s milk and to bathe with it just aids the skin in needed moisturizing even before you step out of the tub.





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Milk It For All It’s Worth!

Milk Really Does a Body GREAT!


I know you are probably wondering why Goat’s Milk is being used in some natural soaps, really is this just another gimmick to get you to buy a product?  No this is no gimmick and why commercial companies dont want you to be knowledgeable about the positive effects Goat’s Milk soaps have on our skin. Even some commercial soaps that use moisturizing cream cannot compete with the invaluable assets Goat’s milk can offer your skin.

For  one Goat’s Milk PH is that much closer to human’s PH balance and makes it easier to protect skin from bacteria and and other daily chemical contact. I use goat’s milk in my natural beauty bars because goat’s milk has more beneficial properties than cow’s milk and you really can feel the difference it makes in all skin types. Aside from the fabulous skin loving benefits it gives you I just love how wonderfully I can incorporate it into just about any product I am creating.  And I so notice the difference in my baths when I use it and when I dont in my soaks just how much of a benefit it is in softening my skin as well as added moisturizing, yes even before I step our of the tub.

The benefits of Goat’s Milk in soap can be felt by people suffering from various skin conditions or those just wanting to maintain youthful, rejuvenated skin.  Other benefits like combating acne by killing the acne causing bacteria.  Eczema, because of its natural state and even in the natural soaps Goat’s Milk Soap uses natural ingredients unlike many commercial brands that use a lot of detergents and dyes that trigger these skin irritations. Natural exfoliation when using Goat’s milk soap is also a wonderful reason to switch from commercial brands to natural soaps that contain Goat’s milk.  Goat’s milk has caprylic acid that removes dead skin cells and natural alpha hydroxy that naturally rejuvenates the skin to reveal fresh new skin cells leaving you with hydrated clean and refreshed and protected skin from the inside out.
This is so why I advocate for when buying natural soaps you get those with milk it, whether it be goat’s milk (my favorite), coconut milk, buttermilk,or whole milk, trust me when I say your skin if it could would kiss you for doing it.
Contrary to what we have been fed these many years that body washes and antibacterial soaps are better for you than bar soap because of bacteria that can spread from them, well it isnt true.  Antibacterial soaps dont make you any more protected against bacteria  than any other soap it just removes not only the bad bacteria but the good bacteria and your skin is left moisture less and more vulnerable to other bacteria than it was before you washed your hands.   Some commercial hand soaps have the glycerin removed from them and not much moisture is put into them between all the sulfates and synthetic alcohols that do nothing but dry our skin out.  Even some commercial brands that claim to be “natural” soaps use alot of drying agents.  So between the shea butter and the oatmeal or almond oil that is added how can your skin really receive the nutrients and skin protection it needs if those few natural  ingredients are swallowed by the many synthetic ingredients? Do we really want to continue to use these falsely advertised products at the risk of our skin’s integrity?  banana-Mango
Goat’s milk is very gentle for even the most sensitive skin and offering the same moisturizing and nourishing benefits as it would for a person with normal to oily skin.  Dont be fooled by these claims that body washes are the best way to go and if it doesnt lather like the body washes that means we arent getting the same clean.  So not true.  The lather is for aesthetic purposes, it is a window dressing to cover up the fact that your skin is being stripped away of its natural moisture and instead of adding to it with more moisture and vitamins and minerals needed to sustain healthy radiant skin these products are like sponges soaking up the natural moisture our skin creates under the guise of using petroleum oil and calling that your moisturizing savior.

I leave you with this thought, if what you are using is currently not doing what it said it would do then what harm would it be to try something new?

Please would love to know if in a week’s time if you notice the difference in your skin.




What’s All the Babassu About?

Babassu Oil

Another South American native I want to tell you about is Babassu Oil.  This is another oil I have fallen in love with.  It has so many of the same characteristics as Coconut Oil yet you can only use a certain percentage of Coconut Oil before it begins to dry the skin out. Babassu oil on the other hand is considered to be a superior emollient that is rather beneficial for either dry or oily complexions (this is why I include it in my handmade soaps). It gently moisturizes the skin without leaving an oily sheen. Babassu Oil
This reason being is due to the Oleic Fatty Acid (Sunflower Oil, Primrose,Avocado) it holds twice as much as coconut oil so us soap makers aren’t as restricted with the percentage used when creating our soap formulas and like the oils mentioned in the above sentence we can use babassu oil to super-fat our soap to give you added moisture without leaving your skin with an oily residue.   I love this oil and use in lip balms and hand creams as well as creating my own hair cream using babassu oil.  Babassu is high in Vitamin E and has anti-inflammatory properties that aid in its ability when being applied as a solid directly on the skin how it melts on contact giving your skin a cooling sensation.
This is why I love what I do, even if you cant try or experiment with different butters and oils because it can get become rather costly you should venture out of your comfort oils and butters and give some of these wonderfully exotic butters and oils a try-especially if you find what you are using isn’t giving much help. Read your labels and if you see some of these butters or oils I spoke of by all means give them a try they are worth it.  Also try asking your natural body care professional to see what they recommend and by all means do research on your own-after all it is your skin and you want the best there is to help keep its integrity.Healing Balm 1oz
So you see no one butter or oil can work alone and this includes Shea or Olive Oil-where one is lacking in vitamins and minerals another makes up for it.  Don’t be fooled your body needs most if not all the vitamins both inside and out and when you deny it there tends to be an issue that you will have to address later.  Your skin needs A,B’s,C,D,E,and F.  Your skin needs Panthenol, Beta Carotene, and the Omegas(3,6,9). Your skin needs added Sulfur and Anti-Oxidants because it is all connected. So don’t deny your body these nutrients because all you may know is Shea believe me it will thank you for it and you will notice a difference.Soaps 4
I love using this butter as a substitute to coconut oil and in my healing and lip balms because it cuts down on the greasy feel that I found coconut oil to have and melts so easily into skin upon skin contact. This is a beautiful butter that I hope becomes more readily used and learned about because it really a needed addition in both skincare and hair care products.
Remember this: Keeping one’s head in the sand because you want to follow the pact doesn’t make living less dangerous it just makes you unprepared.
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