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The New Baby Oil: Watermelon Seed Oil


Who doesn’t love a juicy piece of ripe fresh watermelon? Everyone in my family loves watermelon (well accept the fussy 3-year-old) and when I came across this fabulous natural oil,Watermelon Seed Oil,via the process of cold pressing the seeds, about 3 years ago, in the midst of trying to create a serum for my then 15 month old whose knees and feet began to feel like ‘alligator skin’ and nothing was working for his young skin.  I needed something that was going to help revert that skin back to the baby soft smooth and moisturized skin he had from birth.

Watermelon seed oil is used in baby formulations, creams, lotions, soaps, and eye creams. This oil is good for balancing oil production, while being restorative & nourishing in action. The neutrality of watermelon oil makes it a perfect oil to blend for body or facial oils being effective on greasy skin types. The light texture, moisturizer capabilities and stable shelf life of watermelon seed oil lends it to be a highly suitable addition to natural baby oil formulations. Unlike mineral oil that is a common ingredient in commercial baby oils, watermelon seed oil does not clog pores and eventually helps the body to naturally eliminate toxins through the skin.Watermelon Seed Oil

Watermelon Seed Oil is highly nourishing yet it is light oil with good absorption properties. It is a good choice for use with oily skin but can be effective with all skin types. Hence Water Melon seed oil is added to skin care formulations for all skin types, including dry, oily, acne-prone or maturing skin as it is rich in essential fatty acids which help to restore elasticity to the skin.
The high content of omega acids & Linoleic acid within the oil assist in the removal of excess sebum within the skin ensuring the skin is cleansed. The oil from the watermelon seeds can be used to dissolve the oil build up in the pores. So it is best for oily skin.

I use this oil in my facial products but next I will be creating baby skin care products using this fabulous oil…STAY TUNED!